Our Services

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Heat Pumps Systems options are air-to-air, water source and geothermal. They gather heat from the air, water or ground that is outside your home and concentrate to bring it in. Heat pumps can reduce your energy use by up to 50%; which means an enormous saving in electricity bills and an environment-friendly way to heat your home.

Ceiling Fan Coils Repair Service

We can replace your ceiling fan coils and make it run properly again! Save lots of money by avoiding to buy a new unit for your room. Take full advantage of your fan and have it working just like new!.

Forced Air Furnaces

This is the most typical central heating installed in North America. It uses air as its heat transfer medium and uses ductwork, vents, and plenums for distribution. We provide installation and maintenance of these units in order to keep them clean of unhealthy particles and silent, as they might be noisy.

Rooftop Package Units

One of the most flexible heating and cooling options for commercial use. When properly handled, they are easy to install and customize, and provide low operating costs as they have a high-efficiency control. They come in a wide variety of types and sizes, and we have the expertise and equipment to install them adequately.

Condensers / Outdoor Units

These units provide many benefits to your home, and can’t be handled by amateurs. Doing it yourself may also risk your valuable unit to malfunction and eventually break down, resulting in a big waste of energy and money. Only pros like us at Emins Air Conditioning can check the coolant level and handle all the necessary routine maintenance to increase its efficiency and prevent breakdowns.


They are very useful to distribute airflow from your heating or cooling system throughout the whole house. Without proper ductwork, the air pressure and overall function of your heating and cooling systems will be off. We can apply the proper insulation and aluminum tape to air leakage and subsequent problems resulting on that.

Fujitsu Ductless Split Systems

The Fujitsu Ductless Split Systems have become increasingly popular due to their quiet, energy-efficient heating and cooling properties. They don’t require ductwork and allow to control temperature in individual rooms or spaces. We can install these convenient units and make you save lots of energy and money since day one.

NEST Thermostats

The 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat learns by itself what temperature you like and builds a schedule around your preferences. Since its implementation in 2011, these units have saved billions of kWh of energy around the world. People save around 10% to 15% on heating and cooling bills.

Wall Heaters

Have these units attached or installed to your wall and have your room heated while saving a lot of floor space. They are mostly used in studio apartments, compact living spaces and small offices. Wall heaters provide warmth quickly, they can work for hours and save you tons of space, specially if it’s scarce.


We strive to provide quality customer service and products to solve your heating and air conditioning needs.  As a locally-owned, family run business, we aim to provide a personal experience to all of our clients and generate a relationship. That way, you know you can count on us every time you have an issue with your AC or heating unit.

Emir’s Air Conditioning consists in a small team of full-time employees.  No subcontractors. We use only genuine manufacturer parts and provide one year warranty on most repairs and a two year labor warranty on all equipment installation.


I started working with my great uncle after high school. Ever since then, I knew I would dedicate my life to what I do. I fell in love with the whole science and mechanics behind air conditioning and heating systems.  After graduating high school, I attended Mt. San Antonio College and successfully completed several classes. One of my instructors noticed my potential and invited me to work in his family-owned business. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. Eventually, I decided to have my own business, so I started Emin's Air Conditioning and Heating in 2005.  Seeing the satisfaction on my clients faces when I solve their comfort related issues is one of my biggest motivations. I truly enjoy working on air conditioning and heating equipment. Interacting with my clients is always estimulating and a source of constant learning. I also take my time to investigate about new technologies and solutions related to the the industry. Additionally, I attend continuing education courses and seminars whenever I have the chance. My motto is to treat all my clients the way I would like to be treated. I love what I do, and I truly care about people’s satisfaction and good results.